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Project Info
  • Project Name : Ektawpa
  • Client : Shivam
  • Category : NGO
  • Website : https://ektawpa.org/
  • Location : Bhopal

With a very large section and group of photographers, we all know very well that we are not even together, it has benefited the customer and many others have been financially weakened by this *Covid-19* and it is disastrous for us for a long time to come and we found out that we have no existence * the government does not know us * We are nowhere because we were weak * because we were not organised * If we were not organised today, this problem will continue to surround us with troubles, so we need to be one today, so * now unity is the resolution * with this objective * we are going to build an organisation * in which your cooperation and suggestions are going to be there. required.