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Project Info
  • Project Name : Jeevanshailly
  • Client : Mukesh Kr. Pal
  • Category : MLM
  • Website : jeevanshailly.com
  • Location : Allahabad

Jeevan shailly Pvt. Ltd. is a company established by professionals passionate about the progress of India. Every individual is successful in his chosen field, achieved great heights of success early in life. They all now want to share their knowledge, experience and resources to give willing and raring to go youth an opportunity to achieve staggering success. The company also understands that for overall development of a nation, all aspects like social, cultural, educational developments have to be considered and attended to. We’re always looking up. Because that’s where the opportunity is. To learn. To grow. To innovate. To excel and exceed.The MLM business model relies mainly on a network of distributors who contribute towards the growth of a business.